Lee Eric Drake
Eric, (pictured left) who the foundation is named after, is our inspiration. After his death, which resulted from severe depression and in the end suicide, a group of his closest friends came together and the Lee Eric Drake Foundation came to be. Eric was a friend in the truest sense. Anyone who knew Eric can tell you; if you had a bad day, regardless of how his day was going, he would do anything to brighten yours. He really and truly did care about you and he took time to show it. If your paths crossed, more likely than not, he would befriend you.

We cannot sum up in words, the type of person that he was or how much he cared for others but we can share with the world his legacy which will live on through this foundation as well battle suicide and depression.

One life, is to much too lose...
Personal Letters

Kelly Bush - Letter

Dan Padgett - Letter

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Why the beach background?
We've been asked this a couple times since we've started the new look and the simple answer is, Eric loved being at the beach. When we saw this picture we knew that it was somewhere Eric would have loved to be!
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